Our Approach

Utilizing our unique “logistics”- oriented marketing approach, we’ve fundamentally changed the engagement with HCPs. We engage with HCPs in a manner that is very different from traditional sales and multi-channel marketing efforts. It begins with our “Service Specialists”, who are professionally trained and welcomed as a valued and trusted resource in the HCP office. The result is a new approach - no sales pitch, no "push", but instead a professional Service Specialist, who like the Concierge at a hotel, is there to serve.

Why “Marketing Logistics”?

The pharmaceutical industry has struggled to find efficient, effective methods to connect HCPs with their information and resources. Traditional sales approaches are effective, but they are expensive, relatively inefficient, and they carry substantial legal and compliance risks. Interactions with sales reps often times leave the HCPs frustrated with the engagement. This has caused many HCPs to stop seeing representatives.

HCP Concierge conducted extensive research to develop a model to address these needs, specifically to develop a unique approach to improve the engagement of HCPs in an efficient, effective manner. In researching best practices from other industries, it became clear that the principles of “logistics” could be applied to make the process of connecting HCPs with pharmaceutical information and resources more efficient and effective.

Logistics has been described as “the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.
(Reference: Council of Logistics Management, 12 Feb 98)

The result is a more HCP-friendly approach that provides clients with effective, efficient outreach to the targets they value most with proven ROI. We believe we have created an Engagement (R)evolution.

Our highly efficient and effective marketing logistics personal service model produces proven ROI's with an average cost per Rx at ~ 50% to 70% below our clients own in-house dedicated teams.

50% to 70% lower cost
per Rx

HCP Concierge has revolutionized the engagement model resulting in a substantial reduction in the cost per HCP interaction vs. traditional approaches.

60% to 90% lower cost per
HCP engagement

As our client, you are in complete control of the HCP targeting. We will go to your targets with no restrictions, dependencies, or overlap analysis required.

Extensive reach with client
driven targeting