Our Approach

Research Driven

Research Driven

Engaging Health Care Professionals (HCPs) in today’s marketplace continues to challenge Sales and Marketing strategies and effectiveness. It’s a complex issue, and one that continues to have a direct impact on the ability to engage and promote brands to the physicians who are most valued. As an industry, the answer has been to deploy smaller sales teams and backfill with multi-channel marketing and non-personal promotion, seeking to find the right balance between prescription growth, market share, and profitability. The inability to truly innovate and revolutionize our selling model has forced the industry to sub-optimize true market potential of many brand assets and to often settle for less growth, and lost profits. Until now.

HCP Concierge was formed to provide HCPs a better option to access valued resources available from pharmaceutical companies. The vision and core foundation for the Company is born out of extensive research conducted with thousands of HCPs to determine what pharmaceutical resources they utilize, which resources they value most, and how they prefer to access them. As part of our research, we also observed over 1,000 sales rep visits in a “secret shopper” setting where the reps did not know they were being watched. This provided extensive insights into the current sales practices to understand the opportunities to improve on the current model.

Our highly efficient and effective marketing logistics personal service model produces proven ROI's with an average cost per Rx at ~ 50% to 70% below our clients own in-house dedicated teams.

50% to 70% lower cost
per Rx

HCP Concierge has revolutionized the engagement model resulting in a substantial reduction in the cost per HCP interaction vs. traditional approaches.

60% to 90% lower cost per
HCP engagement

As our client, you are in complete control of the HCP targeting. We will go to your targets with no restrictions, dependencies, or overlap analysis required.

Extensive reach with client
driven targeting