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On Demand

On Demand

Understanding how today’s HCPs choose to learn about pharmaceutical products is a critical driver of sales force effectiveness and performance. The reality is that brand perception and prescribing behavior is shaped through their own preference and self-selection of various media, programs, and technologies. We know the HCPs and their staff still favor personal promotion, as nothing is easier for them to access information and resources. Personal selling remains the most effective lever in the marketing mix for pharmaceutical companies, too. However, we also know that HCPs are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of new information, unwanted messaging, and ability to control timely access to the resources and information they find of most value to their practice and patients. Our Service Specialists personally connect our clients’ targeted HCPs with the resources that they want, when they want them…………ON DEMAND! Based on our extensive study of the marketplace prior to our rollout, and the now years of experience executing for clients, we believe we have created a model that uniquely balances what HCPs want with pharma’s objectives with a strong value proposition for both sides of the table.

Our highly efficient and effective marketing logistics personal service model produces proven ROI's with an average cost per Rx at ~ 50% to 70% below our clients own in-house dedicated teams.

50% to 70% lower cost
per Rx

HCP Concierge has revolutionized the engagement model resulting in a substantial reduction in the cost per HCP interaction vs. traditional approaches.

60% to 90% lower cost per
HCP engagement

As our client, you are in complete control of the HCP targeting. We will go to your targets with no restrictions, dependencies, or overlap analysis required.

Extensive reach with client
driven targeting